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'S-such a lovely b-boy...s-saying thank you...''But he hadn't said thank you at all! 'He only said he didn't think Harry was a waste of space! Not about how long it takes for the problems to catch up with us. And then it's time to run again to a new town, a new home, and a new school for me. Sounds like a disease to me - they must be unstable. When an old dwelling starts looking desolate, a mixture of regret and anxiety comes over us and we feel like we are leaving a safe harbor for the rolling sea.

''Yeah, but coming from Dudley that's like "I love you.” ― J. Rowling, “Yes, it was too late, and Sabina knew she would leave Paris, move on, and on again, because were she to die here they would cover her up with a stone, and in the mind of a woman for whom no place is home the thought of an end to all flight is unbearable.” ― Milan Kundera, “Settling into a new country is like getting used to a new pair of shoes. That's how my dad does it anyway because apparently there's no age limit to running away, either. But if there aren't any rules, I wonder why it feels the same every time. As for the new place, it looks on us with alien eyes, it has nothing to say to us, it is cold.” ― Jan Neruda, “If there's happiness tucked away in my tragedies, I'll find it no matter what.

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We predict too much for the next year and yet far too little for the next ten. Ships and sails proper for the heavenly air should be fashioned.

— Neil Armstrong, speech to joint session of Congress, 16 September 1969. Emme Introduction to the History of Rocket Technology, 1963 For my own part, I declare I know nothing whatever about it, but looking at the stars always makes me dream, as simply as I dream over the black dots representing towns and villages on a map. Then there will also be people, who do not shrink from the dreary vastness of space.

Simply driving your pet to the vet can be stressful enough, but if you need to transport a pet abroad or import animals then it can be even more difficult.

Damage to your own car is not covered by this type of insurance.It is not the bigness of anything in this kind that can hinder its motion, if the motive faculty be answerable thereunto.We see a great ship swims as well as a small cork, and an eagle flies in the air as well as a little gnat… 'Tis likely enough that there may be means invented of journeying to the Moon; and how happy they shall be that are first successful in this attempt.I replace cafés with crowded bars and empty roads with broken bottlesand this town is healing me slowly but still not slow or fast enough because there’s no right way to do this. There is no right way to do this.” ― Charlotte Eriksson tags: alone, berlin, break-up, breakup, broken-hearted, city, coffee, growing-up, hang-over, leaving, left, london, love, moving, moving-on, night, poetry, prose, sad, the-glass-child, walking, wandering “Aunt Petunia burst into tears. To know the earth under one's foot and go, in wild delight, ways where there is water.” ― Malcolm Lowry, “If you have no good drive in you, your life will not be steered through a good direction. Passion or drive is what moves the vehicle of a fulfilled life.” ― Israelmore Ayivor “After five years I still had the impulse, every ten to twelve months, to find a new home.Hestia Jones gave her an approving look that changed to outrage as Aunt Petunia ran forward and embraced Dudley rather than Harry.'S-so sweet, Dudders...' she sobbed into his massive chest. Spaces became too familiar, too elastic, too accommodating. And though of course nothing really changed from one roof to another, I liked to harbor the illusion that small variations occurred within, that with each move something was being renewed.” ― Chloe Aridjis, “I hear there are people who actually enjoy moving.Your Kenn Co Insurance policy provides you with all cover you will need and at a great price too!We’ve included a lot of extra features as standard, including breakdown cover and legal expenses.It was just something in the way you took my heart and rearranged my insides and I couldn’t recognise the emptiness you left me with when you were done.Maybe you thought my insides would fit better this way, look better this way, to you and us and all the rest. It is as though I have been silent and fuddled with sleep all my life.Provide ship or sails adapted to the heavenly breezes, and there will be some who will not fear even that void [of space]… So, for those who will come shortly to attempt this journey, let us establish the astronomy: Galileo, you of Jupiter, I of the Moon.— Johannes Kepler, letter to Galileo Galilei, 'Conversation with the Messenger from the Stars,' 19 April 1610.


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