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I am reporting on this work at an early stage of its development, as I began this consultative process only a few months ago.

What I am presenting today is a brief overview of work to date and some reflections on an aspect of that work.

The Maltese archipelago consists of Malta, Gozo, Comino, Cominotto, and Fifla, plus a few minute limestone outcroppings.

Over 92 percent of the inhabitants live on Malta, by far the largest island, and the rest live on Gozo except for a few farmers on Comino.

This is not just a business for us; it’s what gets us up each and every day.

We count our success by the enormous number of connections, relationships, marriages, and children we’ve helped to create.

Unlike other dating sites, faith and values are built into our community, and are more than just a box you check in your search filter.

Our descriptive profile questions provide you with unique insight into someone’s faith and beliefs in a way that’s real and genuine, so that your results are real and genuine. For all of us, there’s no greater gift than being able to match good people with one another, and then hear their stories.

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