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Dating confused about career path

And here’s the deal: No matter what you’ve experienced in your love life to date, you can take back your power and create your love story, too, rather than feeling like it has already been written or needs to be written for you. Everything you’ve been through to date has been your path–you can’t change what has already occurred.

No one wants to hear about how a co-worker leaves his socks on the floor, or other more personal details.

In an era when sexual harassment is a real concern for organizations, the notion of two employees dating each other does have potential for some tricky policy questions.

Some argue that if both parties are in a consensual relationship, what they do on their own time has no bearing on the company and should not be prohibited.

For many young adults, making the marriage decision is straightforward and simple. As children of what has been called the “divorce revolution,” today’s young adults have seen the consequences of failed marriages.

Current social trends toward delaying and even avoiding marriage further complicate the matter.


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