Dating diona

She's generally responsible, honest and loyal with a good personality.She's also shown to have a wild side and enjoys going out drinking and dancing with her sexy best friend and neighbor, Veronica.

"They are so different and their world views are so different and their thoughts on how to raise Marcus are so at odds that there's such a long way to go before there would ever be anything romantic, which I like," Walton said.

", he tries to thank her, Fiona smiles at him and then her ride appears, Fiona tells Adam unfortunately I have terrible instincts when it comes to guys and gets in the taxi, she smiles at Adam one last time and Adam watches her leave.

The next day, outside the school, Adam yells out "Princess Fiona", Fiona tells him to make it quick, Adam explains his brother is a good guy you just make him nervous, Fiona asks why he would want to be around a girl who makes him nervous, Adam explains because he thinks your great we both do and that's why I'm helping him, Fiona says he has good taste and if he's your brother than maybe he's not so bad, Adam asks her to give him another chance he deserves it, Fiona gets in her cab and tells Adam she's not looking for anything serious or anything physical, Adam asks really? , Fiona says not any time soon so you can let your brother know that, Adam says cool and thanks her, Fiona says only because you asked, Fiona leaves in the cab and Adam watches her go and is smiling.

Outside of the school, Fiona approaches Adam and sits down on the steps with him, Adam notices Fiona's ride didn't show up and she says she's waiting for a taxi, Adam says he thought she would have a princess carriage waiting, with 5 horses and a charming prince to sweep her off her feet.

Fiona says she tried the prince, New York city royalty anyway, charming on the outside vile on the inside, Adam says "right, prince's are so over rated", Fiona says so many guys are just pretending to be something they are not, Adam says right, Fiona says he seems honest, "I mean I can talk to you like a normal person", Adam asks "really?


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