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Requiem for a Dream This is an all-around disturbing movie, the kind of thing that sticks with you for hours–days, even–after you’ve turned it off.

Although all of the film’s characters suffer gradual demises as the plot proceeds, Jennifer Connelley’s character dropping to particularly objectifying depths to feed her heroin habit.

If you're ready to strap on some goggles (safety first!

) and get crafty, here are four homemade sex toy projects, along with a variety of websites and books if you want to take it further.

Sharon Stone’s character is a bisexual sexpot, and the entire movie is tryst after tryst.

Plus there’s the infamous scene where she uncrosses and crosses her legs while being interrogated, giving the cops a show of the key piece of clothing she’s 5.

It’s film school complicated with surprise sex on top. Team America: World Police Trey Parker and Matt Stone aren’t exactly known for censored, family-friendly stuff, but they make even South Park look tame with an absurd puppet sex scene that spans several minutes and increasingly ridiculous positions. Clerks 2 “Clerks 2” isn’t even in the same category as the original when it comes to sexual content (and thus the stuff that makes watching it with your parents super awkward).

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In Viacom's papers, the company nods towards a space of cases (like this and that) over that have upheld the consequences of a waiver.

Even if you’re one of those people who says, “I don’t care about privacy; I have nothing to hide” (which isn’t a valid argument, by the way), there are still certain films or scenes that you just To spare you the pain, here’s a list of the top ten movies to avoid watching with your parents. American Psycho It’s a great movie, but it’s got uncomfortable scenes involving prostitutes and Christian Bale flexing and pointing at himself in the mirror while he’s, uh, on the job. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have to return some videotapes. Mulholland Drive It’s bizarre and complex in typical David Lynch fashion, and it has some pretty graphic lesbian sex scenes between Naomi Watts and Laura Harring.

Of course, we can’t help you if they happen to walk in during a bad moment (and doesn’t it seem like they If we didn’t have these guidelines, something like “Irreversible” or “A Serbian Film” would probably be at number 1. You might find yourself watching it with the ‘rents because it’s a well-known “see if you can figure out what on earth is going on” film.

Even if they fizzle out after a use or two, what’s best about homemade sex toys is the creative process involved in developing them.

Figuring out what sort of food item or hardware store-find is going to feel good where, is an exercise worth its weight in banana peels and silicone scrub brushes.


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