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Is john edwards dating rielle hunter

“Love does evolve you and encourage you to behave differently. That night began our frequent extended phone conversations, usually four hours in length . The affair was apparently a religious experience for Edwards, who adopted some of the New Age terms Hunter often used.“He also told me that I was the first person in his life to give him energy instead of taking it,” she wrote.

[pullquote] The disgraced senator — who once called Hunter, his baby mama, a “crazy slut” — would have long, romantic talks with her on the phone as he traveled. He said he found me to be so refreshing and couldn’t believe how easy I was to talk to,” wrote Hunter.

Rielle Hunter was eviscerated on The View yesterday as the gabfest panel, in particular Whoopi Goldberg, went nuclear on John Edwards' mistress."In your book, you trash a dead lady," Goldberg stated, referring to Rielle Hunter's new tell-all book, in which she bashes Elizabeth Edwards often.

Less than a week after saying she was still together with John Edwards, Rielle Hunter now says she and the disgraced politician are no longer a couple.

'Rielle sobbed and threatened to do something drastic, but John didn't buy it and just coldly walked away and back into the arms of his new girlfriend,' an unidentified close source told The National Enquirer.

Single mom: John Edwards said that he is a constant presence- both emotionally and financially in his daughter Quinn's life but now he has apparently tried cutting ties with her mother (seen in June 2012) Hunter, who infamously started sleeping with a then-married Edwards in the middle of the 2008 presidential campaign, was already in trouble with her former lover in the months before his relationship with Ms King began.


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