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Online dating woes

And while I can’t speak for previous generations of daters, seems modern dating has become a meandering processes of head games, dejection and waiting around for the next best thing.Is it possible to create a meaningful connection without feeling completely worthless and insane?While that’s proven to be the right decision, I’ve discovered that dating is, nonetheless, an exceptionally awful pastime.There’s a lot of anxiety around meeting someone in the first place – attempting to catch the eye of the cutie on the train; hoping that guy 50 times older than you with the leering smile would stop trying to catch your eye on the train. Back to the looking, and the texting and messaging and phone calls, and the first dates. It’s especially difficult if you’re someone with a “radical” set of values (ie.

I should, I figured, give myself some space and breathing room to explore.

Well, the fantasy you have in your head about what the experience might be like is often way off from the reality you end up with.

Sometimes that can be a good thing, like when you assume Tinder will be full of bro-y guys who use the word "dude" way too much.

If you’re looking for someone funny but with a dry sense of humor, someone smart but who graduated from an Ivy League university, and an attractive face but with a side of six pack abs…

Your only option left is James Franco and he is clearly not on match.com!


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