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Rails 3 2 counter cache not updating gmail backdating email

( Record/Counter Cache/reset_counters) if you want to get to a clean state in order to pinpoint where it goes off.:destroy end describe Exhibitor Registration do it 'correctly maintains the counter cache on events' do event = Factory(:event) other_event = Factory(:event) registration = Factory(:exhibitor_registration, :event = There's no mention of updating the cache when an object is moved from one owner to another.Of course, the Rails documentation is often incomplete so we'll have to look at the source for confirmation.When you say I don't think you're expecting too much, you're just expecting Active Record to be more complete than it is.All is not lost though, you can fill in the missing pieces yourself without too much effort.If you want to allow reparenting and have your counters updated, you can add a This answer was a big help.

make sure to fix_counter_cache if either the xyz_id or xyz_type columns change, 2.

And if you really still want to use REST, we still have some very good news for you!

In this post we are going to go over Firebase, Angular Fire and how to build applications using the Angular / Firebase stack.

As long as your datasets are the same, it should work just fine... Creating a new report via the wizard works with stored procedures, but does not work when data from a temp table is returned. Create a select statement based on those fields (Ex: Select null as ' Field1', null as ' Field2') 4. I have a similar problem as the op and am new to SSRS/BIDS.

There is a workaround to this though by doing the following: 1. And, I am updating a previously created report which (for me) is too complex to just quickly re-create using the "wizard generation" as the datasource is a web service (with code-generated web service parameters, lots of calc'd datasource fields, etc).


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