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This art workshop will offer the opportunity for participants to ask these questions and come up with personal and collective answers through art-making and meaningful discussions. Let’s discuss gender roles, stereotypes, and aspects of gender expression in the context of emerging gender identity.

HMI Youth Advocates As important as it is to ensure that our advocacy agendas are informed by the youth serviced within our organizations, it’s equally as important to give young people the space and support they need to advocate on behalf of themselves.

Recently, the series was covered in "Internet Lesbian and Gay TV Series, 1996-2014" with an entry stating, "The program is written and directed by a transgender filmmaker and incorporates transgender actors, making it not only a first for the Internet, but something that has never been done on broadcast or cable television." There’s no doubt season two will dig deeper than the first!

The project always needs support, so check out it’s Kickstarter after binge watching the first season.

Often the work was of self-portraits with hair extensions, make-up, gender-specific clothing and a beautiful, unashamed portrait of herself, curves and all and reminds the viewer that Aguhar's life and mere existence was an act of confronting white hegemony. My work is about the fact that I’m a genderqueer person of color fat femme fag feminist and I don’t really know what to do with that identity in this world.

“From our Opening Night Feature , to an expanded number of international shorts, to filmmakers’ Q&As, to our first-ever subtitled-for-Deaf-and hard-of-hearing-audiences program.

This is our biggest festival ever.” The 2016 San Francisco Transgender Film Festival lineup features an outstanding collection of transgender shorts and feature films—with powerful tales of love, defiance, bullying, relationships, sex, humor, romance, political organizing and community-building.

If you’re not familiar with the series, season one represented a revolution in its portrayal of trans masculine narratives.

From hormone replacement therapy to queer sexuality, trans director Emmett Lundberg’s project has impacted many already, including younger trans folk.


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