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In this video, Master electrician Scott Caron installs a new panel to complete a service upgrade. Use diagonal-cutting pliers to sever all wires inside existing electrical panel. Unscrew and remove old electrical panel from the wall. Screw a large ¾-inch-thick plywood panel to the wall for mounting the new electrical panel. Feed the SE cable through the top of the new electrical panel, then screw the panel to the plywood.

Make all the electrical connections inside the electrical panel. Feed the house circuits into the panel, making sure each cable passes through a cable connector. Connect the bare-copper ground wires and white-insulated wires to the ground and neutral bar inside the panel.

Updates also often include adding new electrical outlets and replacing the old receptacles.

The most important reason to update your home’s electrical system is safety.

That is done by adding new circuits and redistributing the load.

In San Diego, the cost of upgrading an electrical panel varies widely.

Circuit breakers are doing their job when they trip because the circuit is being overloaded.

The only way to resolve the problem of tripping circuits is to reduce the load on that specific circuit.

Your electrical panel is the heart of your electrical system.Service capacity for commercial facilities is determined by the load capacity of the total power needed to run your facility.The more circuits you have, the more power your building demands.Does my electrical service have fuses or circuit breakers?It wasnt until the 1960s that circuit breakers became the standard for electrical service panels - before that all electrical panels contained screw and cartridge type fuses.Some of the factors are: It is important to understand that upgrading your electrical service does not solve many of the common problems that owners of older homes experience.For example, if you often trip circuit breakers then upgrading your service will not solve that problem.The number and size of the circuit breakers determines how that power is distributed throughout your home.The first and most important step in updating your electrical system is to: ● Upgrade your panel (bringing more power from the utility to your home); or ● Replace the existing meter and circuit breaker box to allow it to handle more power; or ● Replace an electrical panel or circuit breakers that are obsolete, damaged or dangerous.As older home electrical specialists, we are often asked the following questions: How much does it cost to upgrade my electrical panel? The price to upgrade an electrical panel is a question that cannot be answered precisely without an onsite visit by a qualified licensed electrician or electrical contractor.There are many variables that affect the cost of upgrading your homes electrical system.


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