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Updating your marketing plan

When’s the last time you took out your marketing plan, blew the dust off of it, and read it?

If your marketing strategy includes taking out an ad in the Yellow Pages, it’s probably been a while.

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It is a balancing act we have become all too familiar with, one of maintaining net income, while not eroding the value and integrity of the brand and operating system.An effective content marketing strategy is a constantly moving target.In the early days, shady marketers were stuffing articles with so many keywords the sentences made no sense, while legitimate marketers were churning out dry, informational articles. Then blogging and social media came along, and everybody started to relax.Marketers discovered that posts with personality were more popular and Google revamped and refined the algorithm until they developed semantic search.Websites evolved along with content and search – became more visually attractive and easier to navigate. Everyone knows how important content is, but the joint Moz and Buzzsumo report shows that only about 1 piece of content in 4 is effective. With long odds and an ever-increasing content, how can you stand out from the crowd and achieve success with your content marketing efforts? Your customers adopt new technologies and social media, rediscover old channels and abandon new ones.When you are establishing a marketing plan, you can have a plan that is up-to-date or you can have a plan that is guaranteed to fail.That may sound a little harsh, but stop and think about how much things change in the span of a few months or even a few weeks.The quality requirement is never going to change when it comes to an effective content marketing strategy.Plan of action: Long, authoritative content can be expensive to produce, but creative use of the information you collect can turn it into a bargain.You should periodically go through your marketing plan and make sure that you tweak your strategy.This will help you be sure that your marketing strategy will survive the next stages of your business. Many entrepreneurs suggest updating your plan every month.


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