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Validating a dance specific screening test for balance

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Developmental evaluation offers one methodological framework within which to conduct such investigations.Alongside implementation with 30 professional ballet dancers, formal and informal feedback was sought from stakeholders and members across all levels of the ballet company to facilitate ongoing development, evaluation, and revision of the wellness program.The use of a process informed by developmental evaluation helped identify strengths and limitations within the screening process.This paper reports on a 2-year process involving feedback from professional ballet dancers, management and artistic staff, and healthcare providers at a ballet company in order to develop a dancer screening and wellness program.Following a consultation phase, an initial program composed of an expanded medical team and annual injury prevention screen was proposed.The characterization of mouse models of human disease is essential for understanding the underlying pathophysiology and developing new therapeutics.Many diseases are often associated with more than one model, and so there is a need to determine which model most closely represents the disease state or is most suited to the therapeutic approach under investigation.Visit for more related articles at International Journal of Neurorehabilitation Background Purpose: To examine the feasibility and effect of a virtual reality - based dance training paradigm in improving balance control and physical activity levels.Method: Community-dwelling individuals with hemiparetic stroke (N=11) received a virtual reality - based dance paradigm for 6-weeks using the commercially available Kinect dance video game “Just Dance 3”.The collective expertise of the assessors was used to modify the components and process of the screen to strive for ecological appropriateness.The process also fostered buy-in from all involved.


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