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Women in engineering dating

My husband sent me a link to an EDN page featuring a video covering dating advice for engineers.

I want to start by saying that the video was very amusing, so the following is in no way meant as disparaging.

Someone would curse and then immediately look at her and say, ”Sorry, Betty.” ”They were doing it as a nice gesture,” says Shanahan, now the executive director of the Society of Women Engineers, in Chicago. Female undergraduate engineering majors are outnumbered by men four to one. And although ever more women are becoming engineers, it will take years for them to rise through the ranks.

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These courses focus on concepts and skills of leadership and management, with topics relating to strategic leadership, business and organisational behaviour, and the role that organisations play in society.Historically, women have been significantly underrepresented in engineering fields, typically making up only 10 – 20% of the engineering work force.Through programmes that encourage women to pursue engineering studies and retain women engineers in the profession, UNESCO will help to fulfill this human resource need.Jean Yang always knew she wanted an advanced degree in computer science.She excelled in math, and computer programming was her passion. But others weren’t as confident in her career choice as she was. It’s not really a place for girls.’ They thought it was a place for antisocial male nerds,” says the 27-year-old, now in her sixth year at MIT.Through participation in this course, Chau hopes to learn from, and interact with, leaders from a variety of industries, thus gaining insight into how to best drive the engineering field forward through the innovation agenda.Chau has a strong belief that women engineers play a crucial role within businesses, not only through technical capabilities, but also through the leadership and mentoring that women can provide.A key component of the above objectives is 30 by 30, Engineers Canada’s goal of raising the percentage of newly licensed engineers who are women to 30 per cent by the year 2030. 2015 2014 30 by 30 has received national support across all provinces and territories.Engineers Canada collaborates with the engineering regulators and other stakeholders to facilitate a national vision on this issue.However, it was also very guy-centric, and I wondered what sort of dating advice might be useful for female engineers (which, the video says, are hypothetical…like Bigfoot).“Our vision is that engineering becomes an inclusive profession which values, supports and celebrates the contributions of women in the engineering team.” Engineers Australia’s Women in Engineering National Committee has offered a scholarship for a female engineer to attend a course or conference of their choice during the 2016/17 financial year.


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